About Pesi Questionnaire WordPress Plugin

Pesi Questionnaire is a WordPress plugin solution for creating a simple survey and questionnaire with scoring system.

You can survey your visitor behavior and make prediction solution based result score.


– 6 types choice answer

Each question can select answer type:  Multitple select ( checkbox select ), Yes/No choice, Single choice ( radio select ), Single text field

– Unlimited choice answer each question

– Result scoring

Each question can give score and the each range of total score can different opinion ( different thank page).

– Result email

Questionnaire result sending to respondent and site admin.

– Stored result


– Shortcode

[questionnaire id=”QUESTIONNAIRE_ID”]
Displaying the questionnaire in the page or post

[questionnaire_id ]
Displaying the questionnaire id in questionnaire result page

[questionnaire_score ]
Displaying the questionnaire score in questionnaire result page

[questionnaire_result ]
Displaying the questionnaire result in questionnaire result page